OE_Logo2Obama Energy Corporation is an Illinois Licensed corporation with its main operation located in Dolton, Illinois. Obama Energy (OE) is a licensed distributor specializing in infrastructure lighting and related parts all utilized for energy efficiency. The target market for OE is public and private institutions, e.g. government, municipal, school, college and health industries. OE’s directive is focused specifically on systems for LED lighting, power and energy, which have been proven through tests and actual usage to foster today’s advanced energy saving technologies. Obama Energy is poised to assist municipalities and public entities to take advantage of the various and incoming federal funding programs fostering green initiatives. Obama Energy’s products range from complete new units to retro-fitted installments for existing fixtures now in place on city streets.

The leadership of the corporation is made up of individuals with more than twenty-five (25) years experience ranging from the most technical to high level management and administration. They bring to OE all the specialization needed for Obama Energy Corporation to represent the various manufacturers and technologies to its clients. Obama Energy has gathered valuable experience which includes running test and researching requirements for major metropolitan areas. OE’s ability of testing and researching various vendors and energy saving systems has been converted into a model which can be utilized for smaller municipalities as well. The model can be utilized regardless of size and/or need. More importantly, the modular approach utilized by Obama Energy Corporation is specifically tuned to meet the cost requirements of smaller municipalities and institutions, but yet still benefiting from the same technology.

Mission Statement

Obama Energy Corporation offers our clients the best alternatives and products for energy efficiency now and into the future. We are committed to being a leader in Going Green with High Tech by:

  • Providing the best LED LIGHTS available on the market
  • Containing cost for municipalities and the private sector
  • Being one primary resource for energy cost savings products and services
  • Serving as a repository of data about aggregate energy efficiency investment
  • Generating a financial return to our clients by reviewing their utility bills
  • Focusing on safety, savings and economic development
Meet the Team