Retrofit Kits

Outperforming other products, our innovative and technologically advanced “off the shelf” retrofit kits offer great performance, long life and reduction in energy costs. Our retrofit kits come pr-assembled; simply screw the insert into the fixture and connect a couple wires. Our Solstice LED Module is reliable, durable and universally adjustable in transforming both new and existing fixtures.

Solstice Module

The Solstice LED module’s revolutionary design facilitates ease of installation in an array of professional applications. “What is a retrofit kit?”. A retrofit kit is one of the products we offer that allows you to install one of our new LED modules into your existing fixture. This saves money since you don’t have to get permits.

LED Bulb

Our yoke retro fit bracket is our most versatile product fitting in 99% of every fixture in the world. With any medium or mogul based fixtures our yoke bracket retro fit can simply be screwed into the existing socket for electricity, though there is still the ability to easily hardware the fixture if wanted.

These fixtures can easily be articulated in the bracket to aim the light in a certain direction. For this reason many of these fixtures are used in parking garages and parking lots to reduce stray light outside the perimeter.

Customers can also test our products performance in their fixture using the yoke bracket and decide to order custom plates for those fixtures later.


Plate Retrofits

While all of our products provide an excellent alternative to the conventional high wattage bulbs found in commercial and industrial lighting, these Revolutionary GTL modules all come with different features and are suited to particular applications/fixtures.

The benefit to plate mounted units is that in every way they are exactly the same and a stabler install. If a specific articulation is needed, every fixture on the plate will be perfectly angled. The applications listed below feature our plates, which can be custom designed using a model of your existing fixture or even the dimensions of the fixture. All of our plates have the option of powder coating.

Tip: X (i.e. 1X 2X) simply refers to how many modules are actually on the plate. For instance a 3x plate would have 3 modules.

Finial Retrofit

Lights with screw top finials are common in decorative lighting. Our Solstice LED modules can easily be mounted to street lamps or fixtures that have screw rods or finials using our Y bracket for the Solstice Module. To install screw the Y bracket onto the screw rod and connect the wires with snap action connectors.
Our modules will also attach directly to the top of existing prismatic glass refractors, and project the light into them, thereby facilitating the inherent distribution pattern of the existing fixture. We can provide new refractors, either type 3 or 5 for those applications where there is no existing refractor and the client is looking for this type of light delivery system