With the same seamless installation that other Obama Energy LED units provide our (insert name) units offer deeper price cuts through its innovative smaller design.   Our unit includes:

  • proprietary thermal management design
  • active cooling
  • rated life of 100,000 Hrs
  • high temperatures efficiency, color consistency and low light degradation
  • reduced pole and installation cost


Product Description

Only 4.5” in diameter delivering 4700 Lumens brilliantly equipped with 21 Philips Lumiled LED’s in 3 clusters. Optional hardware includes 5 optic packages to meet any FC/distribution requirement: 25, 50, 75, 120, 360 degrees. Approximately the same size as a par 38 lamp, designers now have the brightness to replace high wattage HID lamps in a small footprint with the M21 LED unit retrofit. Available as both retrofit and new architectural track and combo recessed fixtures.

New Lumen Maintenance Regulator Circuit
LED chips slightly degrade over time. The M21 LED Module has a sophisticated regulator circuit which maintains lumen output over the life of the lamp. Proprietary software includes a special current loop technology to prevent load variation degradation. As the degradation occurs it adjusts the current to compensate. This means no light level reduction for 60,000hrs +!
Switches and Onboard Programs
The M21 LED Module is preloaded with helpful programs designed to allow the customer to optimize each application with the flick of a switch.

The default setting unit is on all the time

561 energy saver program (sav)
When selected, this program allows the customer to operate outdoor lamps at 100% output for the first 5 hours of operation, dimming the LED unit 50% for 6 late evening hours, than ramping back up to 100% output for the last hour before dawn. This useful program saves 3 hours of operation per night over 1100 hours per year!
Dimm Sink (default)
This selection becomes handy when using a motion sensor or dimming switch. Sink means that you are using a dimming ballast or controller that provides the 10 v power and the control device adjusts the voltage for your needs. Most control devices are Sinking so if you do not know default to this switch setting.
Dimm Source
This is selected when the control device is providing the 0-10v power. Theatrical lighting and some large dimming panels provide the 0-10v power.


Wattage selection:Your M21LED Module can be set to 4 output wattages. Depending on the application, you may not need full output and therefore can adjust down to the setting you want.Approximate wattages:
100%- 60w equivalent to 175w Metal Halide
75%- 50w equivalent to 100w Metal Halide
50%- 40w equivalent to 70w Metal Halide
25%-30w equivalent to 50w Metal Halide

To further increase life of all components including the driver, we have programmed a gradual soft start up in MS (milliseconds). This technology provides excellent lumen maintenance and long lifetime to make frequent re-lamping a thing of the past – a promise that is backed up by a Global Tech LED five-year limited warranty.
The lamp and driver have been developed and tested in combination with each other, including key enhancements like thermal protection for the module. The module has been successfully implemented using LM-80 guidelines. As a result, they provide a great lumen output and light distribution, while efficacy upgrades can be implemented when available.
Future Proof Module

As energy efficiency advances in LEDs are made and new bins become available, they will be incorporated into the M21LED Module, offering higher efficacies, without changing the dimensions and shape of the system. This allows luminaire manufacturers to plan and design new luminaire ranges for the coming years.

  • New Lumen Maintenance Circuit
  • Increased efficacies
  • Color consistency increased
  • Dimming options include 0-10V, Wireless
  • Rated Life 100,000Hrs
  • High Lumen Output
  • Substantial energy savings
  • Enables Intelligent controls and networking
  • Small Footprint-4.50”
  • Offices (areas such as hallways, receptions, boardrooms, etc.)
  • Hotel lobbies and receptions areas
  • Retail high-end shops
  • Commercial/Industrial Interior Space (warehouse, garage)
  • Commercial/Industrial Exterior Space (parking lots, streets, roadways)
Additional Protection
  • 24V Line Voltage Variation regulation
  • Under Voltage Protection 21v Minimum
  • Over Voltage Protection 30V shut off
  • Reset 27V or lower
  • Over Temp-thermistor-90C shut off
  • Below 85C turns back on

The M21 LED Module is available with optional adapters to facilitate simple retrofit of existing fixture housings. It is available in new Track and Recessed fixtures.