Looking to reduce the capital cost associated with LED Unit installation?  Look no further than the eco-friendly unit that provides a lower power option coupled with a cost efficiency option.

Product Description

The GTL Eco-Line is a new low-priced , low power option developed to reduce initial capital costs. It is available in both Retrofit Kit and New Fixture Options. Our PCB mounted microprocessor monitors and controls the current based on Junction Temperature so our Maglev fans and heat sinking can be eliminated, thus a reduced cost. Designed and produced to be competitive in the industrial lighting marketplace in the 30-40 watt range, you will not find fixtures or retro-fit kits from other manufacturers that can compete with our price. If you are interested, please contact us so we can connect you with your local representative.

If you are considering the switch to LED and other options aren’t in your budget, the GTL Eco-Line is the way to go. No one can beat us in quality for this price.

Check out the PDFs below to learn more about technical specifications as well as availability.

Unbelievable Prices – Made in the USA!
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5 Year Warranty
We have both Eco Retrofits and Eco Fixtures with our Modules Pre-Installed.