Obama Energy LED’s units provide seamless installation using brackets and plate customized to fit into 90% of the HID fixtures currently in use. Our cutting edge optics offer precision lighting versus the outdated standard that are currently in use.

All of our units are Dark Sky Compliant. This unit is unique because it offers over 30% saving on current electric usage.


Product Description

Some of our KEY features:

• Multiple temperature control values. Over temperature protection, shut
down at critical temperature and resume operation temperature.
• Soft start
• 0 – 10 V Dimming compatible
• Under voltage lockout for power off or brownout
• 0-10v Input Port.
• Occupancy sensing Current accuracy over the LED operating
temperature range +/- 3%.


MagLev® Fan TechnologyMag lev m21 NO BG FINAL

By using magnetic levitation force, these fans feature zero friction with no
contact between shaft and bearing. 100,000 hours rated operating life,
providing an exceptionally cool running LED unit -42˚ Celsius at ambient


4 wattage selections by switch:

GTSOL5498 – 75W, 85W, 95W, **135W per Solstice unit.
Total wattage range 75W-135W
**Additional Driver Upgrade required for 135 watts.

Power Supply

50/60Hz ballast. Input voltage 120-277V100w Step Down Ballast from input
voltage to 24V to Solstice Unit.480V / 100W Ballast also available.
*24V operation without power supply.

Input Voltages:

120vAC, 220 – 277vAC, 24vDC
480vAC, 24vDC
For Solar Powered Application – No Power Supply is required

Operating Temperature Range:

-40 to +85 degrees Celsius


Multiple optics options available for maximum light distribution, if needed.


Multiple optics options available for maximum light distribution, if needed.

Distribution Pattern

Multiple mounting positions for a broad range of narrow to spread symmetrical
lighting distribution choices.


10 year limited warranty