Auditing Process

We look at the whole picture; analyzing every part of your energy infrastructure and it’s impact on your energy consumption. We review where and how you can save energy, thus lowering your energy use and costs. Getting multiple competitive bids for your energy procurement is one of the LAST steps in the process.

Energy Procurement

Reverse Auction

Municipal Energy Aggregation(MEA) is about the purchasing power of the masses. Think of it as a SAM’s club for energy – where participating members reap the benefits of group discounts by getting lower prices through group/bulk purchasing. Depending on the state, it’s also known as Government Energy Aggregation (GEA) or Community Choice Aggregation (CCA).

Utility Auditing

-Specialized utility auditing services for municipalities. We audit utility services for natural gas, electricity, telecommunications including wireless, and cable. Identifying areas to reduce costs while maintaining the same service level and identifies lost revenues due to utility errors or deregulation. We provide this on a contingent fee basis: if we are unsuccessful in finding lower costs or increase revenues, our clients owe nothing.

Utility Tax Collection Audit

-The most popular service we provide is our Utility Tax Collection Audit. The overall goal of our tax audit is to identify areas where revenue is being lost due to a variety of factors. Many municipalities charge residents taxes for the use of utilities services such as natural gas, electricity, telephone and cable. We work in collaboration with the utility tax collector to verify all residents and businesses are; 1) on the appropriate tax rolls, and 2) paying the correct level of taxes according to local ordinances. Once the analysis is complete, provided is a detailed report of its findings and works with the utility to resolve any errors in collection.

Utility Cost Audit

-The overall goal of our Utility Cost Audit is to identify billing errors, identify opportunities for refunds or credits, and ensure the municipalities’ cost for basic utility services are optimal. We review tariffs, existing contracts with the utilities or vendors, municipal ordinances, and any alternative supplier contracts. We prepare findings with recommendations for ways to reduce your cost for these basic services while providing equal or better utility service. We strive to keep existing vendors thus reducing turmoil.

Utility Franchise Agreement Audit

-In most communities, municipalities allow utilities to use public “right of way” to install their infrastructure for delivery of electricity, natural gas, telecommunications and cable. We review each utility franchise agreement to ensure compliance by the applicable utility. When necessary we audit the revenues paid for public land usage. Further, we identify gaps in compliance and provides written findings and recommendations for pursuit of claims, along with assistance in getting these claims resolved.