Intellistreets Smart Poles

Intellistreets Smart Poles

Intellistreets™ is a patented wireless disruptive technology that crosses all traditional boundaries. It is the new heartbeat of outdoor and indoor public spaces. With public and private sectors moving quickly toward outdoor LED light change-outs, fiber and small cell installations, Intellistreets seamlessly adds: IoT Data Network, Sustainability Management, Security, and Entertainment The Intellistreets wireless common operating platform is a single, low cost, scalable multimedia network. For the first time in a cloud based architecture, cities, campuses and malls are able to collect all forms of data, make decisions, and “talk” directly to pedestrians and motorists – by street, district or area. In the world of Big Data and the IoT, Intellistreets is the cloud based engine necessary “at edge” to leverage the most valuable real estate in the city; the lamp post. With no competitors in the space of wireless bi-directional multimedia, the Intellistreets platform can generate revenue and pay for itself quickly.


Intellistreets offers the only wireless mesh system using bidirectional/multi-media communication between individual luminaries and the web-based user interface.



This system is an integral component to the environmental streetscape, enhancing the pedestrian experience through a wide variety of multimedia options.



Intellistreets is the most effective way to maintain and conserve, all the natural and human resources needed to protect our country, and reduce our carbon footprint. 


Push Blue Emergency Call System

The Push Blue Call System is an emergency communication device designed for the public to easily call for help when needed. With a microphone and speaker on board, the button allows for quick, wireless two way communication to get the help you need.


Post Top Module (PTM)

The PTM is designed to be mounting on an existing pole. Initial design is for use with LED luminaires, but can be adapted to other light sources with some limitations. The PTM utilizes the Intellistreets Electronic Control Module (ECM). The ECM is a compact wireless device that provides a full set of lighting control, smart grid management, and multimedia options for operation of LED luminaires. Core features include the ability to control lighting (includes patented energy management and LED Optimizing software), connect LED way-finding devices and DMX controlled lighting, connect audio devices for background music, message playback and paging capabilities, and input connections for a variety of environmental sensing devices. A cloud based web interface and content storage system are standard allowing a secure yet robust portal for accessing all the features of the system. Secure access to the module is only available through the Intellistreets Virtual Command Center portal.

How It Works

Where It Is Used

  • Government
  • Campuses
  • Municipal Downtowns & Communities
  • Private Real Estate
  • Military
  • Oil, Gas, and Utility Industries
  • Early Warning
  • Evacuation Announcements
  • News Updates
  • Locate People In Distress
  • Emergency Call Stations
  • Numbers To Call
  • Wayfinding
  • Flashing Location Indicators
  • Shelter Locations
  • Find Food, Water, Fuel
  • Audio Recording
  • Visual Recording
  • Sensors/Data Collection Point
  • 2-Way Street Level Communication
  • Weather, Air Quality, and Flood Sensors
  • Audio Notification
  • Flasher Directional Wayfinding
  • Flasher Notification
  • Incident Specific Messages LED Banner Triggered By Sensor or Schedule
  • Added Safety & Security
  • Holiday Lighting Control
  • Vendor Cart & Musician Receptable
  • Facade or Feature Color Flood lighting
  • Extended Community Dwell Time
  • Music Playback

St. Cloud, MN

A880SRLED Caged Acorns were installed in downtown St. Cloud to offer energy efficient outdoor lighting, audio, digital signage and more. 


Custom Poles and Accessories