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Health Benefits of LED

There are safety issues that ultimately contribute to making LED lighting the superior choice. Understanding fluorescent/CFL lighting risks can help ensure that fluorescent light bulbs are used and disposed of safely while proving why LED is the safest and most eco-friendly lighting. 1) TOXIC MERCURY POISONING Fluorescent and CFL bulbs contain a small amount of mercury. Very small doses of mercury can cause severe respiratory [...]

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Savings at Tax Time

The cost of LED lights becomes even lower when you factor in applicable, tax deductions for LED lighting upgrades. 1. 179(d) Deduction: Section 179D allows up to $1.80 per square foot in deductions ($.60 per sq ft for lighting) to those who have upgraded their building’s lighting, HVAC, or building envelope. The 179D deduction provides a one time accelerated depreciation [...]

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