About Our Company

Obama Energy Corporation is a certified minority (ACDBE/BEP/DBE/MBE) company and licensed distributor specializing in “smart city” IoT technology, digital products, electrical components, and commodities whose purpose is to create energy efficiency, increase safety and security, and evolve the way people, businesses, and cities engage.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make people, businesses, and cities connect smarter, safer, and more efficiently.


Intellistreets Smart Pole


Intellistreets offers the only wireless mesh system using bi-directional, multi-media communication between individual luminaires and the web-based user interface.


This system is an integral component to the environmental streetscape, enhancing the pedestrian experience through a wide variety of multimedia options.


Intellistreets is the most effective way to maintain and conserve natural and human resources needed to protect our country and reduce our carbon footprint.


What Others Are Saying About Us!

Because of the initiative taken by your company with the support of Senator Harris and the State of Illinois, the residents of Markham are enjoying a safer well lit community. We look forward to additional projects illuminating the residential and commercial streets throughout the city.

John Thompson

Director of Economic Development
City of Markham

While the technology and offerings from OEC are game‐changers, working with Thomas and his team have made all the difference. OEC’s smart pole technology with patented design and customization not only changes the dynamic of campus safety, but it also allows Institutions to customize features to meet the needs of each campus position.

Aaron Carter

Assistant Vice President

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